Ayauro is a waterproof eco- backpack for the day to day activities. They plant a tree on South Brazil everytime a customers buys one of their products.

Business Type

eCommerce Business


Ayauro team requested a redesign of their current website because it wasn’t giving the proper messaging and was not aligned with the brand look and feel.


Starting out with a couple of interviews we started to shape up what would be our MVP and it was pretty basic. It included 3 main features - video chat rooms, live commenting and profiles to connect people with each other. The idea was for a bunch of friends to create rooms and chat with each-other to spend the time during the pandemic. We decided to follow the usual ux interaction patterns which would reduce the learnability of the application, and would be easy to use. The room would be created by a host, which would invite his friends, and then people who watch the session, they would be observers who could ask to join the room with the permission of the host. The app would be available for mobile and desktop.

Homepage and a landing page to showcase what the backpack is and why people should buy it.

Product page with different imagery of real life use and in-detail material imagery

A simple linear checkout process

Mobile optimized product page

Homepage optimized for mobile with a clear CTA

Order confirmation to let the user know that they are planting the tree and that they can track the progress