Dearbrightly is a company that tailors and sells derm-grade retinoids. They reduce the hassle of doctor appointments by making the process digital. They wanted their audince to know more about the product by redesigning their website and a few sections of the user accout.

Business Type

Sillicon Valley Startup


I was responsible of conducting a UX audit and define a few touchpoints that needed a redesign. We found out that the users were having trouble managing their skin profile while the new users would struggle to know what the product is so my role was to find these problem and propose a few solutions.


Starting out, I started checking their analytics of their current use base to find the bottlenecks on the flows. A few components were causing confusion and struggle, meaning the users were quitting before finding their way in. My approach was to redesign the homepage so it includes more/clear information on the product so the users would have a bit of context before they sign up. We then redesigned the user account dashboard so they can manage their subscriptions but also purchase more of the product without having to re-enter the checkout process from the starting point. We A/B tested some of these pages and what is show below are the ones that were built.

The homepage showcasing what the product is, what it does, and how to get it. A strong CTA on top showed a 2% increase on the conversion rates.

A dedicated page to educate the user on retinoids.

A treatment plan catered to educate the user on what the product components are. The do’s and dont’s of the product.

A user dedicated space to manage their subscription, skin profile and see a history of the treatment

Mobile optimized pages in tune with the brand to provide a seamless experience.