A new cryptocurrency breaking through the UAE market through its secure platform of exchanging real goods and services, Melecoin aims to develop a way for its blockchain technology to be used in various industries, mainly eCommerce, banking, and real estate.

Business Type

Established Business


Lead the UX design initiative to design the blockchain tools needed, the blockchain explorer, the wallet web and mobile, and a simple informative website. Work with another designer to organize our design pipeline and participate in planning.


Being a two-coin model, Melecoin offers both trading and staking capabilities without introducing too much risk. This aimed to solve the problem of the coins being very volatile. Melecoin gives you two types of coins, one that you can trade and one that you can store, backed by real physical gold. The blockchain tools include mobile and web wallets, blockchain explorer, website, and an admin panel for the presale ICO. To be able to solve for this, I used common purchasing patterns while also keeping the interface super simple. Our investors were not very saavy and we’d design the interface for them. While the blockchain explorer was a bit different as different users would use it, we had the ability to be a bit creative with it.

A blockchain explorer is the synonim of transparency, it shows all the blocks, transactions and accounts in real time. We’ve made it really easy to navigate. Above is a screen of the numbers rolled up and the latest blocks, validators and a few other blockchain related information in a really simple format.

A landing page/website to promote and bring the Melecoin to the world

An online web wallet to manage your coins and sync your wallet through a QR code. We’ve also built a widget for the KYC verification, email verification and a few other alerts related to the account.

The wallet with the PIN login, KYC and the account settings.

The wallet homepage showcasing what you currently own. The alerts widget, and the coin inflation along with the transactions.

The list of validations with their blockchain voting power.