Withapp lets people share or follow live stories and journeys.
Dedicated to authors you create a journey story where you can post different snips of your life and poeple engage with that. The team reached out to help improve the user engagement by re-thinking the story and journey feature.

Business Type

Social Startup


I was responsible of rethinking the journey and posting feature in order to increase engagement. I also conducted a UX audit and usability testing to test the theories, and wether the redesign would make any difference to engagement.


Since this was a redesign and we kind of wanted to keep off the old interface, the design was a bit limited to the components that they had. The main challenges were that the interactions were a bit unusual and the learnability of the app was a bit steep, resulting in less engagement and uninstalls. My approach was simple, to provide short and long term solutions that would help them later on aswell. I re-designed a feature with 2 different interfaces, using their old components and a new one using the suggested interface. We also tested our redesign (see below) and we saw a structured attention and the actions were became clearer, resulting in an increase on engagement. The team kept both of the designs, and used the first solution as a short term decision which would then lead to a UI update further down the road.

On their old interface, a user would face interactions that are not used to. That was our first challenge to solve. The main problems were located around differentiating stories from posts, commenting, and the posts within the story.

The redesigned journey showcase, encouraging the user to explore with a simplified navigation to empower posting.

The story inner page with the main CTAs, the stories below and a quick description of what the story is about.

Attention insights on a few screens where the main interactions would happen.

Redesigned story thread, and posts within the journey with an action to comment and reply to a story.

A few variations of the showcase. The middle one is the short term solution keeping some of the old components, and the left one being a future UI to be implemented.